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T3 Bandwidth Facts and DS3 Line Info

DS3 Voice, T3 Line Internet Facts and DS3 Providers

  • A T3 transmits data at a rate of 45 megabits per second rounded up from 44.736
  • A T3 Line has is equivalent to 28 T1 Lines
  • A T3 Line may be Fractionated
  • A T3 Line is synonymous with a DS3 Line
  • A DS3 Line is synonymous with a T3 Line
  • A T3 Line can be a Point to Point
  • A Business Class T3 is supplied with an SLA
  • A T3 Circuit has 672 Channels
  • A DS-3 is also known as Digital Signal Level 3
  • A T3 channel is 64 Kbps

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